WordPress Ecommerce

WordPress ecommerce

WordPress ecommerce integrates perfectly with Woocoomerce allowing you to sell products online. If you don’t know, Woocommerce is WordPress’s ecommerce platform. Different types of payment solutions can be installed. Taking orders and payment couldn’t be any easier. We recommend Paypal and Stripe payments, as we know the software works flawlessy. All our WordPress website builds […]

Reliable WordPress Website Hosting

Reliable WordPress Website Hosting

Our reliable WordPress website hosting maintains a 99.9% stability, keeping your website online 24/7. Our main server is semi dedicated operated and maintained from Bradford, West Yorkshire. So what does this mean exactly? We have a portion of the server to ourselves allowing us to control the environment comfortably. Website hosting plans start from £75 […]

WordPress Website Build Time

WordPress Website Build Time. West Yorkshire Website Design

WordPress website build time is a  question we get asked fairly regular. The honest answer is that all depends on the project size and amount of custom work required. We much prefer to take a little extra time and have a website that you can be proud of! Let’s take a 4 page design on […]

What Areas Does Roe Design Cover?

WordPress Brochure Websites

As a Bradford WordPress designer I’m able to cover many local geographic locations. Some prefer a personal on site visit and others are happy to communicate on video calls, email and telephone. However if you’re not local, we can of course still assist with your WordPress design from here in Bradford. I have clients from […]

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